“Sí, quiero” – Yes, I do!

The photo exhibition “Sí, quiero” of photographer Gonzalo Orquín portrays kissing gay and lesbian couples standing in front of the altar of churches in Rome. These couples want to show the world that they love each other, just like other couples. The pictures have firstly been forbidden by the Vatican and after, they were destroyed during an exhibition.
For the first time, the entire series of photographs has been exhibited publicly in Groningen at gallery MooiMan. After, the exhibition took place at the Leslie Lohman Museum for gay and lesbian art in New York and recently for the first time in Italy during an art fair in Milan. Now, gallery MooiMan exhibits these pictures in Centre Céramique until 21 June. “Sí, quiero” is related to the exhibition “Gijsen, flikker op!” (Gijsen, get lost!) about bishop Gijsen and the arise of Roze Zaterdag (Pink Saturday).
Sandro Kortekaas and Jan van Stralen from Galerie MooiMan find it important to show these pictures – especially in Italy – and that there is attention for the problem that equal rights for homosexuals aren’t obvious in a lot of European countries because of the influence of the Vatican.
The photo series “Sí, quiero” of the Spanish painter and photographer Gonzalo Orquín is a statement of kissing homosexual couples in baroque churches in Rome. These couples want to show the world that they love each other, just like other couples that are part of society.
In the autumn of 2013, Gonzalo Orquín contacted gallery MooiMan via Facebook. He told the gallery that he was looking for a safe place outside of Italy to exhibit his art. He approached MooiMan because in this gallery, the attention is focused on the man and artists get the space they need to be able to ask attention for social problems concerning homosexuality. Furthermore, the Netherlands is a liberal country. The Dutch press neither reported anything about the (destruction of the) exposition in Rome nor about the threats of the Vatican, which is odd.
Orquín is a religious man and doesn’t understand the attitude of the church since it should be carrying out love. Orquín took a brave step in a country such as Italy where the catholic church and the media play an important role. The new course that Pope Francis wants to strike out on isn’t obvious…
You can read more about the history of this exposition in the book that you can buy for €25 at the customer service. This book includes for instance the letter of the diocese.
Location: Houten vlonder/ hal
Mini exhibition “Sí, quiero” – Yes, I do! | 13 April 2015 – 21 June 2015 | Centre Céramique | Free entrance

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