In this section we want to inform you on the program. We are currently working hard to put together a program that will start on the Wednesday preceding the Pink Saturday.
For this you should consider the special activities in the Bonnefantenmuseum, the Centre Céramique, a fashion activity from FashionClash, special movie nights in the Lumière Cinema, an exclusive theatre production in the Theater aan het Vrijthof, various rousing parties and much more.

March 17th to June 21st 2015 | Exhibition Pink Saturday in Maastricht
Location: Centre Céramique | Avenue Céramique 50, 6221 KV Maastricht
Entrance: Free

In 2015 the Pink Saturday will come to Maastricht for the third time in history. Besides the big party on that Saturday there will be an exhibition in Centre Céramique in the months before this event.

The first real Pink Saturday was in fact held in Limburg. In the catholic bishops city Roermond of all places, where on April 14th 1979, Easter Saturday, a demonstration was held against remarks made by bishop Gijsen about homosexuality. This demonstration was during the Good Week, meaning after White Thursday and Good Friday. The homo demonstration turned this Saturday into Pink Saturday, and the name hasn’t disappeared since. The exhibition tells stories and shows images about the gay movement and emancipation of then and now.

Below is a preview of the activities that will take place during the pink week.
(Program and contents are subject to change)

Child daycare – play area during Pink Saturday.
The Pink Saturday will of course also be visited by parents and their children. To give parents the chance to visit the various activities we will provide a day care during the day. Most likely this time will be filled with activities from the Kunstkaravaan (art caravan). The Kunstkaravaan is an initiative from several professional artists. The goal is to bring art closer to children and young people to give them a new perspective, to create and experience. During their projects the artists from various fields will invite children to join the art tent from the Kunstkaravaan. In this special environment their imagination can blossom. By putting the imagination of children to work, their world will sparkle. Art will come to life. The Kunstkaravaan uses themes they choose that will be filled by the artists in their own way. The theme that day will coincide with the Pink Saturday. Info:

Youth Debate
During this youth debate, young people from various parts of society will have a discussion. The debate’s subject will be LGBT related. Not only during the debate will various groups come together, but also the organisation will be taken care of by different organisations. Code 043, the Sphinx debate, the Maastricht Youth council and MCY will work together to turn this debate into a success. This cooperation will continue in the future, but then in collaboration with the COC.

Pink Movie
We will cooperate with the Lumière Cinema Maastricht. This will result in the display of a short film preceding the regular program in the week before the Pink Saturday. Besides this, there will be an outdoor showing of the movie “Pride”.

Theatre production elementary schools (subject to change)
In Limburg all the middle schools have been getting seminars teaching them about sexual diversity. Elementary schools have been left behind a little, even though there is also a legal obligation for these schools to have such lessons. In cooperation with professional theatre producers/teachers, MCY wants to make a theatre show for group 7 and 8 of the elementary school. During the pink week this production will be shown at one of the elementary schools. With regards to short sketches there will be a discussion with the children. During the show various issues about sexual diversity will be discussed.

Amanda Sauerkraut
During the pink week Amanda will give make her appearance in her familiar surroundings the Pesthuis stage. Here she will receive, and put the heat on, various guests. Of course there will be talked about homosexuality in the broadest sense of the word and Amanda will not mince words with her opinions.

In de Rooden Leeuw
In de Roden Leeuw will open her doors during the Pink week for people who need a quiet moment, discussion or contemplation. The enthusiastic volunteers of In de Rooden Leeuw will be in attendance during those days to lend a sympathetic ear, or to guide people to the quiet area. There will also be given some lectures and there will be writing sessions. During these sessions people can come together to put their coming-out stories to paper.

Viewmaster Projects
Viewmaster Projects will present the extraordinary art project 360° BRNDWR. A four-sided video artwork in the top, glass floor of the 25 meter high tower of the Brandweerkazerne (fire station) on the Capucijnenstraat in Maastricht. The art project will be visible from the streets surrounding the tower. Two years long, every evening from sundown to 23.00h. During the Pink Week Viewmaster Projects will, in tribute to the Pink Saturday, colour this project pink.

Pink in Blue/Police
During the Pink Saturday the police will, in cooperation with the army, fire department and ambulance service, set up an information area. Here they will give attention to the visibility of LGBT people within these services. They will also hold several demonstrations and service vehicles from various teams will be present.

The National Advisors Day.
During the Pink Saturday, Maastricht will organise the National Advisors Day. all the COC advisors will come together in Maastricht during this event. The program will have various training exercises, peer reviews, and introductions. During this day there will also be performances from several artists. In short a productive but most of all a fun day. Afterwards the advisors can of course be found in the inner city of Maastricht taking part in the activities of Pink Saturday.

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