Film “In The Grayscale” at Lumière

Date: Tuesday 16 June 2015
Start: 19.30 h
Location: Lumière

An architect who lives in the bustling city of Santiago de Chili hopes to find himself, but during his search, he runs across an attractive man who will turn his life upside down.

En la gama de los grises
Chili, 2014, 98 minutes, Claudio Marcone
Spanish spoken, English subtitles

Bruno, an architect in Chili seems to live the perfect life: he has a nice family and a great job. But he still feels discontent and takes a radical step: he leaves his wife to be alone and to find himself. When he is asked to design an iconic building in Santiago, he isn’t just offered an assignment; he is offered a new chance.

During the designing process, he works together with the young and dynamic Fer who knows more about the history and the current dynamics of Santiago than anybody else. Between the two men, an intense and unexpected affaire originates…

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